“All my love, Richard x” | A new Richard Beckinsale book by Margaret Bradley | Richard Beckinsale


Time heals they say and, on the whole this is true.

Because it is more pleasant to remember the good things, the good times writing a book like this is not easy.

One is forced to re-live the bad times, the hurt and the pain but I hope that it will give both pleasure and an insight into the life of a boy who became much loved both as an actor and as a man.

Modest and unassuming, he would have been surprised and happy to know that he is remembered with as much affection by his audience who felt they knew him, as he is by his family and friends.

In essence, it is a love story.

‘There is no education like adversity’ wrote Disraeli and I believe both Richard and I learned through our experience.

I believe in fate.   Believe that there is a reason for everything.  Our love yielded the precious gift of a daughter, Samantha.

This book is dedicated to her and her brothers but most of all, to all my beautiful grandchildren.  Those who are here and those still to come.

Margaret Bradley